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AjirMed Privacy Policy

Effective Date: March 25, 2021.

  1. Introduction

    Ajir LTD, launched AjirMed electronic health record EHR/EMR to help hospitals switch completely to paperless records, support the revenue cycle, and expand their medical practices. AjirMed understands that a greater percentage of hospital leadership are willing to go paperless but are faced with implementation challenges. AjirMed EHR alleviates the hospital pain points by providing fast and easy to use even by non-technical hospital employees.

    The electronic health record, as well as web-enabled emails sent as part of, in connection with, or relating to such software and information services (collectively, our "Services"), are covered by this privacy policy (this "Policy"). Any other services are not covered by this Policy. We value your trust, thus we strongly advise you to read this Policy in its entirety.

    This Policy explains how we and our partners gather, utilize, and distribute information about you. This Policy may also explain how our Services collect and use information about you that has been provided by another user or information about other people. However, this Privacy Policy does not apply to any other service we might provide to any other person or client; rather, it only applies to how we and our partners collect, use, and share information about you in relation to the Services covered by our AjirMed Terms of Use or our Healthcare User Level Agreement ("User Agreement").

    We may not use or disclose individually identifiable health information in a manner prohibited from being used or disclosed by the Provider.Additionally, we must take all necessary precautions to ensure the privacy, accuracy, and accessibility of any personally identifiable health information that we retain or process on behalf of providers. The term "healthcare provider" as used in this Policy refers to any user who is a "health care provider" or any user who is a part of that health care provider's "workforce" .

  2. Information Collected by Our Services

    Information You Submit or We Collect on Your Behalf:

    You provide us with information when you:

    Additionally, we gather information on your behalf when you grant us permission to access or import data from another user, a third party, or another service as described in the User Agreement.

    Your name, address, phone number, email address, and other information you enter on or submit to our Services are just a few examples of the information we may gather about you.

    Billing Information:

    Depending on the Services you use, we might also gather your billing information, such as the account information for your credit or debit card or information about additional payment methods ("Payment Card Information"). Your explicit approval to the sharing of your information with third-party payment processors and other third-party services (including but not limited to vendors who provide fraud detection services to us and other third parties) is required in order to submit your credit card information.

    Your payment card information might be saved by these third parties for use with our services in the future. Your payment card information is not kept by us, and we have no control over it or any responsibility for it. Our use of third-party services is subject to their contractual obligations to protect the privacy and security of your payment card information.

    Automatically Collected Information:

    When you access, log in to, or otherwise interact with our Services, including when you get emails delivered through our Services, we and our partners automatically collect information. We and our partners collect this information using the technologies listed below and maybe similar technologies that aren't explicitly listed (which we collectively refer to as "Engagement Tools") in order to improve and run our Services in a variety of ways, such as to:

    Our Engagement Tools will automatically collect information regarding the software used by the computer, mobile phone, or tablet (each, a "Device") you use to interact with our Services, even if you do not register with us or submit any information on our Services.

    Device Information:

    When you interact with our Services, we may collect information about your Device, including your IP address, the type of Device you are using, the operating system and browser you are using, the application identifier, and, in some cases, the location data that your Device transmits to us.

    Cookies and Related Technologies:

    We and our partners use cookies, web beacons, and related technologies to gather data about you and your devices. A "cookie" is a little data file that a website sends to your device and stores there in order to recognize your device in the future and to provide you with a more customized user experience based on your prior online activity. A "session cookie" vanishes when you close your web browser or can have an expiration date. Every time you use our Services, a "persistent cookie" that was left behind after you closed your browser can be accessed. On our Services, we and our partners may employ both temporary and permanent cookies. To change your cookie settings, check with your web browser.

    Please be aware that you might not be able to enjoy some aspects of our Services if you remove or decide not to accept cookies from us.

    These technologies are used directly on our Services by certain of our partners. As you use our Services and engage in online activities on other websites or online services, these third parties may compile information about you over time. Based on this data, certain third parties might let you choose not to receive targeted advertising.

    Information from Other Sources:

    For any reason outlined in this Policy, we may receive, search or proactively collect information about you from other sources and, combine it with information we already have about you. This might occur when a third party tries to contact you via the Services or set up a "Demo" .

  3. How We Use Information

    The following are some potential uses for the data we gather:

  4. How our Services Allow Users to Share Information:

    One-on-One Communications:

    Our services can be utilized to help users and other people have one-on-one conversations. Examples comprise:

    Users submit information to one another or to a person or entity who might not be a user of the Services in any one-on-one communication. This can involve disclosing contact details and other personally sensitive information, depending on the message.


    The ability to have your contact and directory information listed in one or more of our professional directories of healthcare providers on our Services that users and/or the general public may be able to view is available to healthcare facilities. These directories provide profile details (such as contact, specialization, and other information) as well as additional tools that help users and/or the general public find and get in touch with persons who are listed in the directory.

    You might be required to give personally identifiable information in addition to other information if you use our Services to try to get in touch with or book an appointment with a provider who is listed in one of our directories.

    Public Forums:

    As part of our services, we offer public forums where users can interact with other users or the broader public. Users should assume that any information they submit in one of our communities will be accessible to the general public. We strongly advise against sharing any personally identifiable, health, or other sensitive information that could be directly or indirectly traced to any individual, including themselves, and urge users to use caution when choosing the information they share with our communities or public forums.

    Surveys, Feedback, Informational Programs:

    Occasionally, we may send you emails or display survey requests that ask for feedback on a range of subjects. These programs may have branded or unbranded content regarding medical illnesses, treatments, and goods, as well as safety and regulatory information sources. They may also be sponsored or funded by outside parties. If you choose to respond to or use one of these requests, you can be asked for information that will be added to the data you already provided when using our services. The program's sponsor may receive this information.


    Users of our services can retain records (also known as "Records") that contain personally identifying and health information about others, including other users. Users have the option to share all or a portion of their Records using some of our Services.

    You should be aware that this Policy only applies to the data you provide when using our Services. This Policy does not apply if you communicate with or exchange information with another user in person or through a channel other than our Services. You should be selective in who you share your Records and other information with because our Services allow users to share information you share with them. Despite the fact that our Services handle such transmissions, we are not liable for the conduct of those who you share your Records and other information.

    Emails and Other Communications:

    Users of our Services can communicate with one another via emails with Service branding, in-product instant messaging, and other online methods. Communications sent by a user or on their behalf are identified as coming "From" that user, such as when our Services send an appointment reminder to a patient on the user's behalf. Furthermore, we reserve the right to make administrative or service-related announcements via email or other channels within our Services. These communications could be "real time" communications or communications that are automatically sent out in response to specific dates or events, like a notification of an appointment or repeated sign-in failures. Please be aware that there may be some messages from us that you cannot opt out of receiving.

    This Policy does not apply to emails or other communications we send in connection with commercial deals or other topics other than the User deals or from people who are not users of our Services. For example, job openings. Even though the job position may have been advertised on our Services, this Policy does not apply if, for instance, you contact us regarding it.

    Third Party Integrations

    When a healthcare provider asks us to integrate or link his or her account with a third party's software, for example, or when a healthcare provider approves us integrating or linking his or her account with a partner's electronic network, you may be able to connect your account on our Services with third parties (any such integration, a "Integration"). Integrations can also be started by other parties that want to work with you. You are under no obligation to use these Integrations.

    If you decide to use these Integrations, you could be asked to grant us permission to carry out specific actions in your account, like adding, modifying, or removing specific data. Please be aware that, if you choose to use any Integration, any information you choose to share with third parties will be governed by the terms of your relationship with them, not this Policy, including, if applicable, their terms of use or privacy policy. You can get in touch with us if you want to disable any Integration.

  5. Sharing of Information

    In the following situations, we might divulge information you give us to third parties:

  6. Security

    We use a variety of technical, physical, and administrative protections to help prevent unauthorized access, preserve data accuracy, and guard against the inappropriate use of the information we collect, store, and communicate. We are required to take reasonable and appropriate steps to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of individually identifiable health information residing on and processed by those elements of our Services that we operate as a business associate on behalf of healthcare providers under our Healthcare Provider User Agreement and applicable law. But it's vital to keep in mind that no solution can ever ensure complete security. As a result, we are unable to guarantee the security of any information stored on, sent via, or received from our Services.

  7. Third Party Services

    To our Services alone, this Policy is applicable. It does not apply to third-party services provided by websites, other online services, or advertisements that may appear on the Services or on websites to which our Services may provide connections. When you click on these links or advertising, you will go to websites or interactive services run by other parties, who may also use Engagement Tools to collect information. These websites and interactive services have their own data collection policies. You should study any third party's privacy policies to understand their procedures because we have no control over how they acquire or utilize information.

  8. Changes to this Policy

    We believe in constant innovation, which may necessitate periodic amendments to this Policy due to changes in our business. A updated Policy and its effective date will be posted on this website. This Policy is subject to change at any time, therefore we advise you to review it from time to time to see if there have been any modifications, additions, or updates. You should stop using our Services if you disagree with any of the amendments, terms, or conditions contained in this Policy or the User Agreements. You have agreed to the Policy, as amended, altered, or updated, if you use our Services after it becomes effective.

  9. Viewing and Updating Your Information

    Our services are designed to give you access to the data you submit and the tools to change it in accordance with applicable law. You can do this by logging into our Services and changing that information, or by getting in touch with a customer support agent. However, please be aware of the significant restrictions listed below. Before processing your request, we may in some cases ask you to prove your identity.

    Please be aware that unless you have administrative privileges under our Healthcare Provider User Agreement to another user's account, you are not permitted to access, modify, or delete another user's account's material.

    You won't be able to view, edit, or delete information that you provided with another user or a third party through our Services. You won't be able to read, modify, or delete information that another user of our Services submits that identifies you.

    According to current rules or regulations, some users, such healthcare providers, may be compelled to keep your information on file for a prolonged length of time or permanently. In addition, we might be required to keep such information forever by separate legal or regulatory requirements. Last but not least, we keep backups of the data kept by our Services for infinite amounts of time for disaster recovery and business continuity purposes.

  10. Contact Us

    Please email us at [email protected] if you have any queries about our Policy.

ajirMed stands out as a smart, budget offering, accessible, all-in-one hospital software system that even non-tech hospital team can use or navigate.

Competitors ajirMed other EMR
Easy-to-navigate x
Customer support
Access across multiple devices
Smart treatment(AI) x
Budget offering x

Atlantic Hospital, Lagos

Emeka Nwani, CEO

The way I am using ajirMed usually surprise other private practittionals. I can be in a AGPMPN meeting after examining a patient, recomended a test at Atlantic. I 'll received an alert of result when ready at the meeting, and login to continue treatments there.

Lade Hospital, Lagos

Onafujabi Adebayo, CMD

ajirMed has brought many positive changes to Lade hospital. The most significant was the time saved during Prescription. We used saved Prescription/Hints that incorporates suggested treatments based on patient diagnosis characteristics to save time.

Parkview Hospital, Lagos

Nathaniel Lulu, DMS

ajirMed is the only way for us to have transform wholesome medical practice. They easily integrated diet treatment, physiotherapy treatment into the core of our operation simply with the click of a button and regularly attends to our demands to turn our paper forms into interactive digits.

Ade Tokunbo ENT Clinic, Lagos

Yinka Makinde, MD

ajirMed provides us with an interface where we can administer special ENT treatments, a highly customizable way of applying medicine and tracking usage, as well as great reporting tools with dashboard capabilities.

Grace Hospital, Osogbo

Dorcas Eleka, CMD

Grace hospital has found ajirMed to save us cost on paper records we used to carry from house to house, which has both minimized administrative overheads and assists to have mobile medical records of patients wherever and whenever we visit.

Wemimo Hospital, Ibadan

Gbenga Adekunle, MD

We have found that the customization with ajirMed is orders of magnitude. The customization of our inventories at the pharmacy and creation of user segregation of duties with needed attached privileges has made a huge difference to us.

Video Testimonies

Lade Hospital

Meet Experts in EMR software

ajirMed combined patient portal, family management, assets management, reminder emails/SMS, debtors management, surgeries management, unlimited patient records, financial management, laboratory management, pharmacy management, wards management, recruitments management, antenatal, health insurance organizations, and knowledge transfer portal to create one comprehensive piece of software...

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