Perfect for expanding medical practices, bigger teaching hospitals, and speciality hospitals looking for the best. Ideal for autonomous hospitals, group clinics, and general practitioners.

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Split payments into 4 with ajirMed

If you run ajirMed, you got everything we offer plus Unlimited patients and No per patient fees.

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Deal 360 for small hospitals: ₦ 16667 or $25/month paid yearly starting from 2nd year


Deal 360 is for you if your small healthcare facility uses ajirMed. No unforeseen fees. It contains the entire set of features we provide in addition to an unlimited number of patients, case encounters, and use. No new patients added for monitoring. No patient-specific fees. Anytime, cancel. Simple payments. Seize the opportunity to pay over time. AjirMed offers pay in four.

Unlimited patients

Create as many patients as you have. We don't charge monitoring number of patients added. No per patient cost.

Unlimited staff licenses

Add everyone, doctors, nurses, pharmacist, lab technicians, admin, receptionist, etc based relevant to your hospital size. No per staff cost.

Up to 5GB disk space

Centralize everything with loads of disk space, total customization. No extra installation cost.

Healthcare HQ

A low cost dedicated place to run your entire hospital workflow. No danger of going bankrupt.

Custom team care

Cost effective way to give every employee their own space to collaborate.

Up to 1TB of bandwidth

Sufficiently serve a hospital with optimum speed, great server and less stress.

Unlimited cases

Satisfy patients with opening unlimited numbers of case and they'll be loyal patients.

Advanced staff access

Gain total control over what staff can see and not see, do and not do.

Unlimited integrations

EMR, surgeries, finance, laboratory, pharmacy, wards, recruitments, insurance, reminders, etc unified .

Care templates

Save time by rapidly spinning up care, seeing perfect pattern and samples.

Unlimited insights

Seperate login for CMD to gain insights into big data and reports and make improvements.

Unlimited devices

Make care available for everyone across devices when login.

Priority support

Jump to the front of the line whenever you need assistance.

We also offer Deal 360 made according to the specifications of...

Affordable Practice Management for Hospital of Different Sizes

Every hospital processes, same software, diverse specifications

You can have an unlimited number of patients and case interactions. We don't charge you counting the patients you've added. There are no patient-specific fees. The cost of the subscription is independent of the number of patients to be managed.

  • Small Practice
  • Contact sales
  • Deal 360
  • Unlimited Patients
  • Unlimited Surgeries, Laboratory, Pharmacy & Finance
  • All Features Included
  • R&D / Upgrade
  • Remote Support
  • Book a demo
  • Specialist Hospital
  • Contact sales for price
  • Deal 360
  • Unlimited Patients
  • Unlimited Surgeries, Laboratory, Pharmacy & Finance
  • All Features Included
  • R&D / Upgrade
  • Remote Support
  • Call sales
  • College Clinic/Medical Center
  • Contact sales for price
  • Deal 360
  • Unlimited Patients
  • Unlimited Surgeries, Laboratory, Pharmacy & Finance
  • All Features Included
  • R&D / Upgrade
  • Remote Support
  • Book a demo
  • FMC/Teaching Hospital
  • Contact sales for price
  • Deal 360
  • Unlimited Patients
  • Unlimited Surgeries, Laboratory, Pharmacy & Finance
  • All Features Included
  • R&D / Upgrade
  • Remote Support
  • Calculate with us

Now's the Time to Pay Later

A number of apps are replaced by ajirMed.There is no need to battle with trying to make software from different departments function together or reconcile them. Pay in 4 and make interest-free installments. Payment management is simple. The experience will be the same as if you had paid upfront. View the benefits and peace of mind that our single hospital management system delivers.

Common Questions Hospitals Ask

What is annual and renewal fee?

Regular problem repairs, investments in the hospital EHR system, or EMR solution or to expand the software functionalities, and R&D to keep the EMR innovative are usually covered by annual renewal fee. When the newest version of the EMR software becomes available, it will automatically upgrade your hospital.

What does set up fee mean?

Setup fees are one-time costs associated with technical activation and configuration of the EMR or EHR system for your hospital's use. In contrast to other EMR software vendors, the cost is not determined by the quantity of patients, or plan features, but on the size of the hospital facility.

Do we pay extra for more patients?

No. Unlike most hospital management systems, we don't charge you calculating total number of patient you added. 8 patients or 800, the price is the same except for the size of your hospital facility. This adds up to significant savings as your facility grows.

How long will it take to set up?

Immediately. Just verify your email and you start using ajirMed immediately.

Will we be charged when our demo is up?

No. We don't ask for your credit card to have demo account. If you want to set up your hospital facility after the demo, we'll ask for some deposit payment.

What if we need a longer demo?

We’re glad to give you some more time. Just let us know and we'll extend your demo account.

How much should my EMR budget for the next 2 years?

We have significantly reduced the price of the EMR system because it is more expensive than the ordinary hospital can afford, allowing you to incorporate it into other regular expenses like paying staff salaries. Below is the answer to how much is the cost of EMR for the next 5 years?

Plan nameDeal 360
1styear set-up + subscription₦350000 /$610.6
2ndyear subscription renewal₦ 200000 /$300

Is the pricing the same for all hospitals, regardless of practice size?

No. The prices shown here do not apply to all hospital sizes. The required deployment varies depending on the size of the facility, as does the price. Contact us to find out if the price applies to your hospital based on the information you provide.

Why are all hospital sizes not same price?

They are not the same price. The processing power consumed to process data is more for larger practice. The more storage used to hold data in-use, the more it costs. Therefore, not all hospital sizes fall under the pricing range shown above. According to the hospital's size, different configurations are required, which also affects cost. If you have any questions about the price based on the information above for your hospital, please contact us for a quote after we assess the size of your facility. If you run a big practice, a teaching hospital, a federal medical center, a specialist hospital, a school hospital, a college hospital, or a university health/clinic facility, we offer an electronic medical record EMR solution that is suited to your regular needs at a price different from the one summarized above. In that case, contact us for a quotation

What hapens if I pay for what's not meant for me?

If you use a size type not meant for your hospital facility, we 'll keep your facility running. Somebody from our team will reach out to you to offer what is suitable. Payment will be reconciled at next cycle.

Do I need to install anything?

No. Not necessary! All you need is internet connection. It is possible to do away with the necessity for installation and local hosting.

What if I have more questions??

We'd be happy to answer them.

ajirMed stands out as a smart, budget offering, accessible, all-in-one hospital software system that even non-tech hospital team can use or navigate.

Competitors ajirMed other EMR
Easy-to-navigate x
Customer support
Access across multiple devices
Smart treatment(AI) x
Budget offering x

Atlantic Hospital, Lagos

Emeka Nwani, CEO

The way I am using ajirMed usually surprise other private practittionals. I can be in a AGPMPN meeting after examining a patient, recomended a test at Atlantic. I 'll received an alert of result when ready at the meeting, and login to continue treatments there.

Lade Hospital, Lagos

Onafujabi Adebayo, CMD

ajirMed has brought many positive changes to Lade hospital. The most significant was the time saved during Prescription. We used saved Prescription/Hints that incorporates suggested treatments based on patient diagnosis characteristics to save time.

Parkview Hospital, Lagos

Nathaniel Lulu, DMS

ajirMed is the only way for us to have transform wholesome medical practice. They easily integrated diet treatment, physiotherapy treatment into the core of our operation simply with the click of a button and regularly attends to our demands to turn our paper forms into interactive digits.

Ade Tokunbo ENT Clinic, Lagos

Yinka Makinde, MD

ajirMed provides us with an interface where we can administer special ENT treatments, a highly customizable way of applying medicine and tracking usage, as well as great reporting tools with dashboard capabilities.

Grace Hospital, Osogbo

Dorcas Eleka, CMD

Grace hospital has found ajirMed to save us cost on paper records we used to carry from house to house, which has both minimized administrative overheads and assists to have mobile medical records of patients wherever and whenever we visit.

Wemimo Hospital, Ibadan

Gbenga Adekunle, MD

We have found that the customization with ajirMed is orders of magnitude. The customization of our inventories at the pharmacy and creation of user segregation of duties with needed attached privileges has made a huge difference to us.

Video Testimonies

Lade Hospital

Meet Experts in EMR software

ajirMed combined patient portal, family management, assets management, reminder emails/SMS, debtors management, surgeries management, unlimited patient records, financial management, laboratory management, pharmacy management, wards management, recruitments management, antenatal, health insurance organizations, and knowledge transfer portal to create one comprehensive piece of software...

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