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Split payments into 4 with ajirMed

If you run ajirMed, you got everything we offer plus Unlimited patients, staff and No per patient fees.

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Deal 360 for hospitals: ₦4166.7/month paid yearly starting from 2nd year


If you run you healthcare facility on ajirMed, Deal 360 is for you. No hidden charges. It includes full suite of features we offer plus unlimited patients, unlimited case encounters, unlimited staff , and unlimited usage. No monitoring number of patients added. No per patient charges. Cancel anytime. Easy payments. Enjoy the power to pay over time. Pay in 4 is available on ajirMed.

Unlimited patients

Create as many patients as you have. We don't charge monitoring number of patients added. No per patient charges.

Unlimited staff licenses

Add everyone, doctors, nurses, pharmacist, lab technicians, admin, receptionist, etc. No per staff pricing.

Up to 500GB disk space

Centralize everything with loads of disk space, total customization.

Healthcare HQ

A dedicated place to run your entire healthcare facility.

Custom team care

Give every employee their own space to collaborate.

Up to 10TB of bandwidth

Sufficiently serve a facility with optimum speed and great server.

Unlimited cases

Satisfy patients with opening unlimited numbers of case and they'll be loyal patients.

Advanced staff access

Gain total control over what staff can see and not see, do and not do.

Unlimited integrations

EMR, surgeries, finance, laboratory, pharmacy, wards, recruitments, insurance, reminders, etc unified .

Care templates

Save time by rapidly spinning up care, seeing perfect pattern and samples.

Unlimited insights

Seperate login for CMD to gain insights into big data and reports and make improvements.

Unlimited devices

Make care available for everyone across devices when login.

Priority support

Jump to the front of the line whenever you need assistance.

We also offer Deal 360 made according to the specifications of...

Now's the Time to Pay Later

ajirMed replaces a bunch of apps.You need no struggle reconcilling softwares from one departmental to the other or trying to make them work together. Make interest free payments with pay in 4. Payments are easy to manage. You will get same experience as if you paid upfront. See how our all-in-one hospital management system brings gains and peace of mind

Common Questions

Do we pay extra for more patients or staff?

No. Unlike most hospital management systems, we don't charge you calculating total number of staff or patient you added. 8 staff/patients or 800, the price is the same. This adds up to significant savings as your facility grows.

How long will it take to set up?

Immediately. Just verify your email and you start using ajirMed immediately.

Will we be charged when our demo is up?

No. We don't ask for your credit card to have demo account. If you want to set up your facility after the demo, we'll ask for some deposit payment.

What if we need a longer demo?

We’re glad to give you some more time. Just let us know and we'll extend your demo account.

What hapens if I pay for what's not meant for me?

If you use a service type not meant for your facility, we 'll keep your facility running. Somebody from our team will reach out to you to offer what is suitable. Payment will be reconscilled at next cycle.

Do I need to install anything?

No. Not necessary! All you need is internet connection.

What if I have more questions??

We'd be happy to answer them.

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