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Expert in Electronic Medical Record EMR & softwares

Even though 65% of hospitals lack complete medical records, more than 85% of diagnoses are made solely primarily on patient history. Painfully, the files were nowhere to be found when the doctor needed to see previous lab results, medication history, or treatment history. At most, they see the record of the most recent visit. The records are either dispersed among the papers. Are they be burned, lost, or thrown away? The AjirMed EMR was created to safely replace all manual records and papers while accommodating all hospital tasks and workflows.

Why ajirMed

Memory Aid Ajirmed Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Memory Aid

Lowers the requirement for knowledge to be only retrieved from memory in order to finish treatments rapidly..

Computational Aid Ajirmed Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Computational Aid

Minimizes the need to mentally organize, contrast, or analyze specifics of care information anywhere and whenever..

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for Collaboration Aid

Collaboration Aid

Convey duties to medical professionals and take into account information from a variety of sources to make judgments based on the best available evidence.

Ajirmed Electronic Medical Records (EMR) on multiple devices laptop, phone and tablet

ajirMed combined patient portal, family management, assets management, reminder emails/SMS, debtors management, surgeries management, unlimited patient records, financial management, laboratory management, pharmacy management, wards management, recruitments management, antenatal, health insurance organizations, and knowledge transfer portal to create one comprehensive piece of software..



In a full-service hospital where hundreds of patients receive treatment for a range of issues, we saw an administrator who was having trouble finding employees to fill open positions. Due to misfiling, patient records were spread over various folders and were difficult to find. Pandemic will not permit cognitively deteriorating older doctors to practice beyond retirement and won't allow new doctors to use any double-tested contemporary therapy regimens. We were able to get the hospital through the crisis through conversation and the deployment of AjirMed. Words were not necessary to explain why full deployment is permitted even with partial payment from the facility..

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We offer cutting-edge electronic medical records (EMR), which are highly valued by medical establishments. It features a built-in system for care that is designed to satisfy the unique medical requirements of the elderly, antenatal patient and infant, children, pregnant women, individuals with disabilities, those who are homeless or without a job, retirees, and the sick. AjirMed is made to function as an ERP for administrators in a hospital setting. In short, the program completely digitizes and computerizes a hospital, allowing for the digital recording and access of all patient, drug, procedure, laboratory, staff, and financial records..

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Atlantic Hospital, Lagos

Emeka Nwani, CEO

The way I am using ajirMed usually surprise other private practittionals. I can be in a AGPMPN meeting after examining a patient, recomended a test at Atlantic. I 'll received an alert of result when ready at the meeting, and login to continue treatments there.

Lade Hospital, Lagos

Onafujabi Adebayo, CMD

ajirMed has brought many positive changes to Lade hospital. The most significant was the time saved during Prescription. We used saved Prescription/Hints that incorporates suggested treatments based on patient diagnosis characteristics to save time.

Parkview Hospital, Lagos

Nathaniel Lulu, DMS

ajirMed is the only way for us to have transform wholesome medical practice. They easily integrated diet treatment, physiotherapy treatment into the core of our operation simply with the click of a button and regularly attends to our demands to turn our paper forms into interactive digits.

Ade Tokunbo ENT Clinic, Lagos

Yinka Makinde, MD

ajirMed provides us with an interface where we can administer special ENT treatments, a highly customizable way of applying medicine and tracking usage, as well as great reporting tools with dashboard capabilities.

Grace Hospital, Osogbo

Dorcas Eleka, CMD

Grace hospital has found ajirMed to save us cost on paper records we used to carry from house to house, which has both minimized administrative overheads and assists to have mobile medical records of patients wherever and whenever we visit.

Wemimo Hospital, Ibadan

Gbenga Adekunle, MD

We have found that the customization with ajirMed is orders of magnitude. The customization of our inventories at the pharmacy and creation of user segregation of duties with needed attached privileges has made a huge difference to us.

About Us


Electronic Medical Record Software 24/7 support from vendor

Managing a large number of patient queues, appointments, bills, prescriptions, tests, procedures, antenatal care, and other tasks. We offer the system hospital administrators need to effectively use patient information to deliver care. It is a task that calls for a special, committed team made up of seasoned marketers, developers, and data scientists. Their enthusiasm is in our products, which have continued to revolutionize healthcare software. Hospital administrators, who encouraged the progress at all phases with their investments, can feel it. The patients whose lives are changed serve as proof of this. We provide m-health and e-health tools that automate the vital hospital and healthcare administration processes..

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Our Vision


Our goal is to equip care teams with the tools they need to provide the best care possible while saving time, integrating previously disjointed workflows, and upholding patient confidence. We make a conscious effort to improve healthcare as a result of the technologies available. To assist you in achieving your objectives, we continuously improve our systems.

Our Commitment


Electronic Medical Record Software for EASY COORDINATION of care

The tools we employ enabled us to automate a laborious, disorganized, and challenging work process. We develop what leaders require by taking a long-term perspective. Everything we do is still fueled by and infused with innovation. But the story doesn't end there. We maintain stakeholders' satisfaction by offering fast assistance..

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Lade Hospital

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