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A do-it-all HMS ajirmed, made it easier to access broader view of details of patient EMR over time from all devices

Before! A doctor needed to see past medications, treatment histories, past radio-laboratory tests of a patient, not miss vital information that can lead to diagnosis, continuity of care —and suddenfully he couldn’t locate the patient’s files. The records are scattered either in multiple papers and if they have some patchwork of stand-alone, department-specific-modules, the patients information are scattered from one department software to another and cannot be reconciled.

Why ajirMED

Digital Healthcare Technologies

See digital versions of patient treatments history over time inclusive of a broader view of all care. Use advanced image-based tele-diagnosis. Take care of your patient recommended test, track and manage samples and patient inputs. Dispense drugs, unpack medicine, distribute stock, prevent drug shortages and view drug patient usage report. Scheduled, rescheduled, or canceled patient surgeries, fill pre-operative, post-operative report, anathesia report in no time.

Relief from Management Stress

Gain insights into the big data managements should focus on. Get through struggling to recruit staff who will fill vacant role and see numerous CVs. Log into patient Portal, book, confirm, cancel, change or reschedule appointments online. See flow across pharmacy and laboratory. Join queue from the reception and reduce patient wait times.

Healthcare Wealth Control

Accept payments from multiple sources (cash, bank transfer, online payment,PoS). Generate claims for insurance, mangement expenses, debt and revenue. Direct your wealth, develop, operate and maintain assets. Receive more calls, more visits to your facility by patients that can pay.

ajirmed health connected devices

A low-cost, cheap-to-maintain, easy-to-use ajirMED HMS, made unlimited patients EMR, surgeries management, finance management, laboratory management, pharmacy management, wards management, recruitments management, antenatal, health insurance organizations, knowledge transfer portal, telediagnosis, patients background, past histories, tracking of medicine intake, family management, assets management, reminders emails/SMS, debtors management and patient portal, available together, in one software.


Helping Leaders Manage Facilities from Anywhere

We met an admin struggling to recruit staff who will fill vacant role in a full-time activity hospital where hundreds of patients get treated for a variety of problems. Patients' records were in numerous multiple folder and one could hardly locate files due to misfiling. Pandemic will not allow cognitive-declined-aged physician work beyond retirement and no double-tested modern treatment routines for new doctors to see. Through discussion and with love, we were able to take the hospital through the crisis. Today, the hospital is up to par. After indicating how happy they were for the solution, we had a hug that transmitted the essence of B-B relations. No words were needed to expalin why we do what we do.

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Helping Clinician Access Patient EMR Anytime

A do-it-all hospital management sytem HMS ajirmed, made it easier to access broader view of details of patient electronic medical record EMR over time from anywhere. Ajirmed is an easy, convenient and informative automation technologies. It manages all the aspects of a hospital's operation, such as medical resources, administrative, financial, care, test, reception, re-staffing, investments, etc. It integrates all the information regarding patients, doctors, staff, hospital administrative details and the various professionals that make up a hospital into one. Ajirmed creates a unified work system of all departments – from specialist doctors to an accountant.

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About Us


Handling numerous patients queueings, appointments, bills, medications,prescriptions, tests, surgeries, antenatal and so on. We provide the system hospital managements need to turn their patient information into effecient care. It is a work that requires unique dedicated team comprising experienced marketers, technologists, and data scientists. Their passion is in our products which was a revolution in healthcare software and continues to this day. It is felt by hospital administrations, who welcomed the development through every stages in their investments. And it's proven by the patients whose lives are transformed. We deliver m-health and e-health tools that automates the mission-critical healthcare world and hospitals managements.

More About Us

Our Vision


Our vision is to empower care teams to deliver the best possible care, reduce time, bring together traditionally fragmented workflows and maintain trust. We work on purpose to make healthcare better for having the technologies for it. We continually optimize our systems to help you achieve your goals.

Our Commitment


The technologies we use helped us to automate a work process where coordination was hard, messy and complicated. We look into years ahead and create what leaders need. Innovation continues to drive and infuse everything we do. But that's not where it ends. We keeps stakeholders happy by providing prompt support.

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